Bathroom Resurfacing and Kitchen Resurfacing

Bathroom Resurfacing and Kitchen Resurfacing is the application of a specialised coating over the top of your existing bathroom and kitchen fixtures and fittings.

Resurfacing can be done in many colours and on a variety of surfaces to achieve a new, fresh modern look.
Bathroom Resurfacing and kitchen resurfacing is completed in just a few days, and can be used for a simple colour change to suit your decor, or we can carry out repairs to renew old or damaged surfaces

Quick Facts!

  • Experience in all facets of Resurfacing
  • We only use specifically designed products. NOT products designed for marine or automotive painting.
  • Skilled tradesman
  • Comprehensive written warranty
  • NOT franchise or network affiliated 
  • Hotel/Motel trade approved
  • Seniors discount offered

Our Green Commitment

  • It has long been understood that the reuse and recycle of our old goods is a surefire way to reduce our contribution to landfill. Kitchen Resurfacing and Bathroom Resurfacing is a great way to reuse our old fixtures and fittings and stop them being unnecessarily thrown away.
  • We also use materials with a low VOC factor, meaning they are less environmentally harmful than